Monday, October 14, 2013


This picture is of Ang's good friends in Ajo
This month we did Center Stage Dance Academy pictures then we went to Ajo to visit Ben and Ang and the girls.  We also did pictures for a bunch of people white we were down there.  Ang spread the word to all her friends that we were coming.  We were busy taking pictures most of the time we were there.  Ang is awesome and has tons of friends.  We love Ajo!    

Center Stage Dance Academy Pictures.

Pictures of the girls... Nya



I asked my mom to teach me how to make bread.  I think they turned out pretty good. 

We went to visit Bexi and Jali.  

Nya got a hold of my phone while we were visiting and this is the result.  I had like 20 pictures of her like this. ha ha

Nya at pre school

Jacey loved it!

Valentines day party at pre-school.

The Valentines I helped Ang make for the girls.

We went to a Valentines Day Ward Part with Ben and Ang.  We had a good time.  

The young men and young women watched all the kids while the parents ate and danced.  We had to cut the night short because jacey was teething :(  She was pretty miserable!  

We went to the park and had some fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lloyd's Beautiful mother!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

December and January

I don't have any pictures as of now for these two months.  I will have to update with pictures later.

December was a fun busy month.
We went to the Anderson Family Christmas Party.    This year Aunt Carmen's family was in charge.  We arrived a little late.  When we got there everyone was playing games.  They were playing the game remember when... everyone would share their memories of past christmas partys and service projects.  It was really fun to remember all the great service projects and things that we have done over the years.  We played a few more games and then made lunch.  Our service this year was sack lunches for the kids that were in the community play in the Sanpete area.  The play was called, "The best christmas pageant ever."  All of us went over to the newly restored Peterson Dance Hall to watch the play.  It was really cute!

We Went to the Stephenson Family Christmas Party in Lewiston at the town hall.  We tied flees blankets for a women's shelter.  Aunt Vickie put everything together.  We had a lot of fun.  There was a talent show like always.  Mom, Dad and I sang a christmas primary song from the friend.  Grandma gave all of us a special bell from her collection.  Lloyd and I got a Blue Jay bell and Jacey got a Navou bell.  We love them and think of her every time we see them.  

We went to Maryann's For Christmas.  We have been super busy doing pictures so our trip down to St George was shorter than we originally planned.   Christmas was fun with Lloyd's family.  Everyone got a ton of presents.  Jacey didn't really get to excited about opening presents.  I think it was because we had to wake her up to do so... She did love all the toys after they were opened.  She thought she was in toy heaven with all the toys.  Maryann has five kids so there were toys everywhere!  Our big present this year was a trip to Korea and China.  We are so excited to go!
We also spent the month taking pictures for Tori my cousin and Paul Peckham.  They got engaged and decided to get married a month later and a half later.  We had to rush pictures!  While we were doing their engagements I dropped my camera and broke it.  I had to order another one.  So when we did their bridals I used Brad Winegar's camera.  We switched off between the two of us.  It didn't go as well as I had planned.  We ran out of time because the sun went down.  And the camera was different than I was used to so everything took a lot longer than expected.  When all was said and done I didn't love the pictures.  So we ended doing another photo shoot when my camera came.  It was quite the process.  But the end result was wonderful.  Here is an example of some of the pictures.


This was the first time Paul saw her in her dress.  She looked absolutely gorgeous! Paul is a lucky man!
Poor Tori got her money's worth out of that dress.  She had to put it on four different times for pictures.  Her hair was also a process to get ready for pictures.  It started out brown... She bleached it three times to get it this color.  You would never know looking at these pictures.  They both look so good and happy! 

The Wedding.  We took some of these pictures the night before they got married.  

The reception.  Jacey was running around part of the time at reception because Lloyd had a basketball game.  Thanks to good friends she was taken care of.

They did a flash mob towards the end of the reception.  Tori and Paul were so surprised.  Everyone joined in the dance.  They had practiced the night before.  This was such a fun reception! 

A week later in January we did Brandi and Mike's family pictures.  They are such a cute family!  The kids were well behaved.  The boys are little Mikes.  They were nigotiating with him over much candy they would get if they smiled.  ha ha.  it was pretty entertaining.